PSO - Into the Maze 7"

by PSO

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The Newest 7". 6 new songs. Learn the word, sing along. Slam.


released March 14, 2013



all rights reserved


PSO Lemon Grove, California


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Track Name: Dead End
a glass of disgust spills over the land
pull away the veil and hold your ground where you stand
acceptance? what a waste
id rather be an outcast in this place
i made the choice no turning back
everything else seems to fall through the cracks
dress to impress to your friends for fame
your so lame

id rather die alone, alone with no friends
i wont get caught, get caught in a dead end
id rather die alone, alone with no friends
you wont find me, find me in a dead end in a dead end

i wont ponder in the pool of popularity
or meander through the maze of mediocrity
negotitate at the table of the enemy
ill stand alone, if no one stands with me

i dont need you, i reject your crew
ill stand alone in the midst of the lewd
led by the media to what you think is cool
they got you eating out of their hands on your knees like a fool
Track Name: Your Choice
you crossed that line, you shouldn't have crossed
now im coming for you
stepped to the plate, and took a swing
now im coming for you

you rolled the dice, thats what you choose
take a chance with me, you're gonna loose

now your affraid to look around the corner
cause im coming for you
now you regret that choice you took
cause im coming for
Track Name: Keepin' it Real
fake friends, and meaningless trends
i look around and its all pretend
struggle and fight to find whats real
cant beleive in what im told only what i feel

ive removed the blindfold
grudges i no longer hold
happiness is what ill find
choosing not to be blind

and see whats real.

my 6th sense finally kicks in
to the things i despise ill never give in
force fed lies to blinded youth
angry kids cause we're kept from the truth

open your eyes, open your mind
and see whats real.
Track Name: Eye to Eye
live your life in the work you know it wont last
youll come crawling back when the wound is too vast
honor trust and love what happened to those three
you couldnt even wait, wheres your integrity?

we no longer see eye to eye

you're killing yourself one day at a time
being led to destruction and you follow just fine
no longer think for your self, but you trust there opinions
your no the same person, just another minion

we no longer see eye to eye

your so confused
whats the use?
the things you do
they have no use..

you care about appearance, you care about wealth
and somehow you forgot who you were yourself
like a starry night, evil crept in with stealth
everything good about you, you put on the shelf

we no longer see eye to eye
Track Name: No Sympathy
what gives you the right to go out at night?
giving people a fright, robbing them with a knife.

i have a solution, its watching your back
keeping yourself strapped, and threaten them back
ill fight for whats mine, i aint gonna lose
you're gonna die, if thats what you choose

man dont even try, no sympathy for thieves
staring into your eyes, ill be the last thing that you see
Track Name: Our Time
so whats new in the scene today?
lemon grove punks and were here to stay.
table top punks, to chula violence
linda vista crew this scene is united

so put in work and start a band
make friends with each other and support them
forget the past "the good ol days"
this slow death scene is the golden age
start a zine start a label
punk is dead was just a fable
catch your friends when they stage dive
lets get these shows to double in size

too many kids have come and gone
so stabd together and we'll be strong
watch out for kids smaller then you
take pride in your scene and let it consume you
catch your friends when they stage dive
lets get these shows to double in size